Welcome to the QControl Site

QControl is a replacement for VqAdmin, packaged for Qmailtoaster.  It is not a patched version of VqAdmin, but a completely different application written from the ground up.

Current version: 1.1-1.0.2 Released on Jan 01, 2009.

The commercial (unlimited) version if QControl is available for $29.95 USD here.

This will entitle you to ALL updates/upgrades for no additional cost until the next major release (all 1.x releases)

Download QControlPE:
 Package NamereleaseDate 
QControlPEcurrent.noarch.rpm01/01/2009 08:12Downloads: 3535
QControlPE-cnt5- 15:20Downloads: 1674
QControlPE-cnt5- 06:49Downloads: 1174
QControlPE-cnt4- 15:45Downloads: 1136
QControlPE-cnt4- 15:01Downloads: 1106
QControlPE- 08:12Downloads: 1420

03-26-2009 VCGSend - VCGSend has been released! This web app allows you to send large files without having to send email attachments or use FTP. More info and purchasing available here.

01-05-2009 We are moving the shopping cart to a new IP address, so you may experience connection issues while DNS propagates. Sorry for the inconvenience!

01-01-2009 Happy New Year! We released a new version of QControl (and QControlPE) which now has some new features. You can now view log files and search for specific terms in the logs, as well as edit certain config files (such as spamassassin's local.cf, simcontrol, and the tcp.smtp file). Added the ability to add user aliases, and you will now notice a QControl icon in the /admin-toaster/ page to make it easier to administrate the system from one place. This version should also resolve the Cent 4.x and Cent 5.x incompatibility issue. Thanks to Joe Smith of Nebraska Networks, the package has now been tested on Cent 5 x64 as well. In other words, this version should work on Cent 4, Cent 5, and 64 bit machines.

12-02-2008 New version is out. Fixes a minor bug with the PHP code to allow for unlimited users, aliased, forwards, etc.

11-23-2008 The online demo is back online. The link is at the bottom portion of the page.

11-18-2008 We found an issue with the versions of gcc between the CentOS 4 and CentOS 5 versions that caused a floating point math error in our code. This has been fixed, and you can now download a Cent4 version.

As you can see, we have the Personal Edition online now. The Personal Edition (PE) will allow you to control 1 (one) domain only. For those that need to manage more domains, the unlimited commercial version is what you will need. It allows control of unlimited domains.

If you have any bug reports or feature suggestions, email them to support@v2gnu.com.  Support for QControl will NOT be supplied on the mailing list.

QControl currently performs the following:
View system stats
View mail stats (including current queue)
List all domains
Add a domain
Edit a domain
View Users in a Domain
Add a user
Delete a user
Edit a user
Delete a domain (or alias)
Add an alias domain
View current sa-stats
View current RBL stats
Change the queuelifetime
Change the blacklists file
Version check - now checks to make sure the most current version is installed!
View and search current log files
Edit spamassassin config file
Edit simcontrol config file
Edit other configuration files
Add a user alias

The following options will soon be available:
Fine control over domain limits
CSS styling applied throughout
Ability to install on other distros supported by Qmailtoaster

If you have a suggestion for a feature you'd like to see, please email it here.

Here are some screen shots from a production system:

Welcome screen (not a shot of a production system)
System Stats
Mail Stats
Add a Domain
Add an Alias Domain
Edit a Domain
Spamassassin Stats
RBL Stats
Change Blacklists
Change queuelifetime
List Users in a Domain
Edit a User

The online demo is back online. You can try out the Personal Edition before you download if you wish. It's available here for you to try out.
  • (current offline)
  • The online demo will reset every night and has port 25 blocked outgoing, but other than that it's a fully functional CentQMT5 install. The login user name is "admin" and the password is "toaster".

    QControl is written by Jake Vickers. If you have any suggestions, requests, or bug reports please mail them here.